Ubuntu – Can’t launch Eclipse


I've been using Eclipse for quite a while. I just switched from OpenJDK to SunJDK. I went back to using Eclipse, it opened just fine. I added some libraries to my build path of a project, but the error checker was still saying I didn't have it. So I decided to restart Eclipse. After than I can't start eclipse. It doesn't give any errors or anything. If I launch it from the command line, it doesn't do anything:

joel@joel-laptop:~$ eclipse

It never pops up the choose workbench dialog or anything.
Has anyone heard of this? I'm using the latest version from the Ubuntu repos.

I've tried restarting my machine and reinstalling Eclipse. Nothing.

Best Answer

I used apt-get purge eclipse and then apt-get install eclipse and it still did the same thing. I ended up purging Sun JDK and reinstalling Eclipse and it installed OpenJDK. All works again.

However, I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't working with Sun JDK. Oh well. Whatever.