Ubuntu – Can’t install Ubuntu!


Used UnetBootin to create it on the flash drive. Tells me to reboot, after rebooting, I press DEL key to enter the BIOS. I set the boot priority to my USB. I press F10 and it saves it and reboots. After that Windows boots like normal.

I have also tried LinuxLive USB Creator but it still failed.

Maybe a Ubuntu Computer can help me? If it can help, please tell me as I have access to a local Cafe that has Ubuntu installed on their PC.

Best Answer

I personally haven't used UnetBootin, I use http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ to make bootable live USBs and it works well for me. You can use YUMI or UUI with your .iso file and try that.

Also try to go in to Boot Options instead of BIOS setup to find your USB manually.