Ubuntu – Can’t delete Facebook and Google in Online Accounts! Where is the config file for Ubuntu Online Accounts located


since today I have an issue with my Ubuntu Online Account Settings. I started Empathy to log into my messengers, but I got an error that Facebook, Google and MSN need an authentication. I tried to delete all of them, but only MSN I was able to delete. Facebook and Google account do nothing. Doesnt matter account is ON/OFF.
Is there a way by delete a config file and reset Ubuntu Online Accounts in this way?

Best Answer

I had this problem too . It seemed to occur after an upgrade, I could add new accounts, and disable old ones, but unable to remove old accounts using the proper windows. I eventually found that account information appeared to be stored in the directory

/home/$USER/.config/libaccounts-glib/  (replace $USER with your username.) 

There where 3 files in there accounts.* ; I removed them all and rebooted the computer, and found all the online accounts where gone, I then re-created the new accounts manually as needed.

This is a bit of a heavy handed approach, so if you use it, I recommend you take a copy of the files before you remove them from that directory.

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