Ubuntu – Can’t click inside any window application!


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I can click to open an application like Firefox or LibreOffice Writter and once the app opens I can't click inside…I can't click open or close, or refresh or anything.

One work around is I can log out and log in and now I can click but I have to log out every time I turn the PC on. If I use firefox browser it will freeze the system within 2 min.

Tried downloading Chromium just to go online but while downloading Chromium the system freeze again.

BTW if I log out and log in and I don't use the internet everything will work fine.

Just downloaded and reinstalled Ubuntu again with the same issue. In the virtualBox Ubuntu just works fine but when I install it on a TEST pc I have the issue is there.

Best Answer

Something similar happen to me a while ago while i was fooling around with the compiz configurations and i solved it by doing the following:

Run the following commands in the terminal, compiz --replace & and after it unity --reset and log out and in again.

Hope it helps, next time try providing more info about your setup, version, shell and some hardware related.

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