Ubuntu – Can’t change cursor size


My cursor seems too small to me (due to 4k screen), i want to make it bigger, i've tried using
dconf-editor(org.gnome.desktop.interface-cursor size) and
unity-tweak-tool(larger option)
none of them worked.
By the way i know that i must restart (or log out) my computer to activate the new size.

My ubuntu is 14.04, i've also tried downloading 3 custom cursor theme (krakin, pure-glass and ecliz)
all of them are small and i can't make them bigger,
I'm kind of new to ubuntu
Any help appreciated ^^

Best Answer

On Ubuntu 16.04 you need to install dconf-editor and change cursor-scale-factor

$ sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
$ dconf-editor

Then, set com > canonical > unity > interface > cursor-scale-factor to any number larger than 1. The maximum possible value is 3.

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