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I own a Sony VAIO VPCEA35FL Laptop, and I'm having problems burning CDs/DVDs.
It seems that the burn process itself works, but once the disc is done, it can't be played.
I tried Brasero and k3b, both without success.
Sometimes the TOC can be read without a problem, but the data never is readable.
Also, when I try to play video DVDs, the dvd drive becomes noisier and usually the video stops for a few seconds.
This is a weird behavior, since a couple days ago I was using another O.S. and it worked just fine.

I think that this wasn't a problem using Natty.

What can I do?

Best Answer

First, test your laptop's cd/drive. Insert some running(new is better) disk(cd and dvd) and ensure that it can read/run each disk successfully.

Second, Check disk speed in brasero/k3b before burn the disk. Set disk speed(Dvd : 8X and cd/mp3: 24X). Do not multi-task during burning. That means leave your laptop alone during burning process running.

Edited Version:

I tried Brasero and k3b, both without success

What is the error message that brasero or k3b shows?

Again about burning process, after burn dvd brasero automatically eject the drive or shows a warning "Eject the cd drive manually". So if it will not automatically eject then just eject manually.(it is not a major task but should done).

If you can open your written dvd(i know data is not readable) then provide the output:

ls -l /media/cdrom0

What kind of output shows if you do this:

cp -a /media/cdrom0/anyfile anyfile
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