Ubuntu – Can’t boot into Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu

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After installing Ubuntu 11.10, I can't boot into Windows 7.
I have a new Asus laptop and after installing Ubuntu 11.10, whenever i start my laptop, I get the dual boot menu (it's heading is: GNU GRUB Ver. 1.99-12ubuntu5). If I just wait without touching anything the computer boots into Ubuntu, and I can start working. But if I choose the last row which reads: Windows 7 (loader)(on /dev/sda2) nothing happens, and after a while the computer boots into Ubuntu.
Someone suggested to open a terminal, type sudo update-grub, and enter my password. That would do the job.
I did that, but nothing changed.
Can anybody help me? I have to state that my knowledge in Ubuntu is close to zero.

Best Answer

Have you tried downloading a lightweight Linux version such as Puppy Linux(It's Ubuntu based)? My reason for mentioning it is not to install it but because you can use it to re-install GRUB and because it's Ubuntu based it will also be able to pickup Ubuntu with no problem as well as your Win 7 install. I had a similar problem and that helped fix it.

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