Ubuntu – Can’t access Ubuntu’s shared folders from Windows 7

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In Ubuntu Maverick, I've shared some folders using the Nautilus "Sharing Options" GUI.

alt text

I can see them from Windows 7, but when I try to access them (from Windows) it asks for a username and password. No matter what I enter, it won't let me in. How do I configure this to share normally?

Update: I've found that some of the shared folders let me in, but others don't. Of the ones that do, some of their subfolders do, others don't, etc. How can I investigate what's causing this?

When I let the GUI install what it needs, it installs samba and libpam-smbpass. On the machine I am having trouble connecting to, libpam-smbpass is not installed. Could this be the problem?

Best Answer

Open Nautilus again as an ordinary user and modify the share to remove guest access. Type gksudo nautilus, navigate to the shared folder and share it again. Share the folder but do not give guest access. Close nautilus.

Go to your Windows box and access the share and provide the Ubuntu username and password.

Ensure your Ubuntu firewall allows incoming access to Samba ports. Ensure Windows firewall allows outgoing access for the same ports.

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