Ubuntu – Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play

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i'm not able to watch some streaming channels anymore.

Here's the link

I only get this message:
Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play, both on Chrome (54.0.2840.100 64-bit) and Firefox (53.0 64-bit), everything seems to be up to date, i'm running Ubuntu 16.04.

Everything was working fine until some month ago, then i started watching that channel through another link and it worked. Now it doesn't anymore, same M3U8 error message.

Recently i installed an old WinXP image using virtualbox, i tried using IE8 to watch the channel and it works!

Of curse i'd like to avoid running winXP to play a streaming channel, how to make it work under ubuntu?


Best Answer

I'd suggest trying another browser.

I get full Flash and Java functionality in SeaMonkey (Firefox engine, skinned to look and act like the old Netscape Navigator Suite, including integrated e-mail and IRC chat clients as well as HTML editor), using update-sun-jre and pepperflashplugin (the latter uses the Chrome Pepper Flash plugin wrapped to match the API the Firefox core expects). Both plugins are as up to date as they can be, and update automatically through the standard Ubuntu software update process (though at least one requires enabling an additional repository -- which itself is considered a security risk).

Unfortunately, if you're an "open software" purist, both of these plugins use proprietary code -- but they're what works, at least for me.

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