Ubuntu – Cannot install Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on VirtualBox 6 on Windows 10 Pro

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On Windows 10 Pro, used latest VirtualBox 6, Ubuntu 18.04, extensions for windows, did all the step by step setup and waited an hour after starting the VM, nothing happened.
Removed VDI Drive, Deleted Drive, Uninstalled VirtualBox, downloaded everything again (VirtualBox, Virtualbox Service extensions for windows, Ubuntu 18.04 Deshtop ISO), reinstalled all , created VDI and mounted ISO, NOTHING HAPPENED! waited for an hour and still a black screen with 2 small icons at the bottom. Does anyone know what is the issue. Can anyone help please?
This is what I see
enter image description here

Best Answer

You need to turn off Hyper-V, which is enabled by default on Windows 10 Pro installations. Looking at the documentation, it seems that in theory Virtual Box 6 now works with Hyper-V, but in practice it doesn't seem to, at least for some Ubuntu installations. In order to disable Hyper-V, first go to Turn Windows features on or off:

Turn Windows features on or off

Then uncheck Hyper-V in the window that appears:

enter image description here

You will be prompted to restart your computer. Once you have done so, start the Ubuntu installation process again and it should proceed without issue.

Please note that this will mean you're unable to use Hyper-V virtualization software, and also other programs that rely on it, notably the Docker containerization application and related ecosystems.

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