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I'm new to Ubuntu and managed to install version 14 some days ago. That was already really problematic, but somehow worked. I have a GTX970 graphics card, which is not supported by the nouveau driver (AFAIK).

Today I've tried to update to 15.10 and it failed miserably – so my installation is now broken – which is not a big deal – I just want to replace it with a fresh install of 15.10 from a USB stick (created with Univeral USB installer).

Booting from the USB basically works, but the desktop is not useable – the mouse pointer is invisible and many errors show up, so I cannot do the installation.

I've found quite some help on this, but nothing seems to work.
i.e. this answer https://askubuntu.com/a/709131/523935 tells me to try to add nouveau.modeset=0 to the linux command in grub2 – but when I do this, the desktop does not even start up – I end up in a terminal, which asks me to login (to the LiveCD environment). But I don't know which user/password to use (I've tried: "ubuntu"/blank, "ubuntu"/"ubuntu", "linux"/blank, "linux"/"linux", ..)

any ideas?

Best Answer

To install Ubuntu on a system with a discrete graphics adapter that is entirely unsupported an option would be to

  • physically remove the graphics card to boot with the inbuilt graphics adapter, or if supported disable the graphics card from the BIOS.
  • install Ubuntu using the inbuilt graphics from APU or motherboard
  • install the proprietary graphics drivers needed to support your discrete card, e.g. by enabling ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
  • perform a full upgrade of the distribution
  • re-attach the graphics card physically or in BIOS

For Nvidia also see

For AMD/ATI see

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