Ubuntu – Cannot install Lazarus IDE on Ubuntu 10.04


I have downloaded *.deb files from Lazarus homepage and used

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

in Lazarus folder. It did install, but couldn't run due to error saying:

No Lazarus executable in usr/lib/lazarus/

So I removed it, and tried to install Lazarus from software manager and with

sudo apt-get install lazarus

Both with no success. I get following error (translating to english):

lazarus: requires: lazarus-ide (>=
E: Packages are damaged

What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Best Answer

I found a workaround for the first problem:

No Lazarus executable in usr/lib/lazarus/

Install Lazarus from website (sourceforge.net download site), I also installed fpc.

Go to


and run file


instead of


IDE runs without problem.

PS.: sysinfo - Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 x64


However after that, apt-get stopped working due to unresolved dependencies. So really I had to remove this version of Lazarus. I had huge issues with installing Lazarus from USC, finally aptitude instead of apt-get managed to install it, but it worked improperly. Due to some error I lost my ethernet connection. After restoring my ethernet connection I uninstalled Lazarus using aptitude and installed it from USC and now it works fine :]

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