Ubuntu – Cannot increase Ubuntu partition with GParted. Maximum size


Before I started this, I went into Windows 8 and reduced it's size to allow roughly 10GB of unallocated data. I want to increase Ubuntu 12.10's partition to fill that void.

I ran Ubuntu (Trial) from my CD as told to in multiple tutorials and ran GParted. Here's my GParted screen:

Gparted screenshot

But, when I try to right click and "Move/Resize Partition", it does not allow me to increase the partition size any more. It's "max size" is what it's at currently. How do I make it take over the unallocated space?

sda1 = System Reserved
sda2 = Windows 8
ext4 = Ubuntu 12.10

Best Answer

You need to move the partition that is in the way.

i.e You need to move sda4 and sda5 to the left before you have room to expand sda3. You can see this from the graphical layout at the top.


It is possible that you cant move sda4 and sda5 since one is inside the other. Can you try the below steps

  • Expand sda4 to encompass the entire free space.
  • Move sda5 to the left end of this free space(from the right end)
  • Shrink sda4 to again be as large as sda5
  • Resize your linux partition sda3
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