Ubuntu – Cannot get past login screen


I have lubuntu 12.04, and it was working fine until I installed something and I do not remember exactly what I installed because I was trying to build a ruby gem and it required a lot.

now I rebooted and I cannot log in, well, I can but when I do LXDE apparently cannot continue and returns to the login screen.

I created another user from my console screen (I can login there), and the other user can login. So I removed my .* directories from my home directory, but it did not help.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

In my case the cause was that ~/.Xauthority was owned by root.


$ ls -l ~/.Xauthority
-rw------- 1 root root 61 Sep 16 15:43 .Xauthority
$ chown group:user ~/.Xauthority
where 'group' and 'user' are the group and the user that you use to login. in my case:
$ chown akonsu:akonsu ~/.Xauthority

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