Ubuntu – Cannot chmode and chown on a ntfs usb drive


I have an NTFS formatted USB drive, on this disk I used to backup using rsync and with 12.04 everything worked.

I've done a 12.10 64 bit fresh install, now when I plug the drive and select open with file manager the dribe is mounted as rw------- for my user.

I can create files, I can delete files, but I cannot chown or chmode the files, moreover the rsync saved access rights are completely masked.

What can I do to restore my data with the original access rights and owners?

Best Answer

There are two things you usually need to do with NTFS drives (although I haven't installed 12.10, so haven't checked that version).

  1. The mounting options must be correct for what you want to do. I always specifically mount my drives using /etc/fstab, and specify where and how it gets mounted. The flags that are important are the dmask and fmask, and setting the uid and gid. I am the only user, so I set the uid and gid to my user name, the dmask to 002, and the fmask to 113.

  2. You need to set the owner of the directory where the partition is mounted, which will be remembered next time. You can do this before mounting the drive.

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