Ubuntu – Cannot access a website from Ubuntu desktop,while the website is live


I has a website hosted on CentOS VPS. That website has a self signed certificate.

Now,I migrated that site to another host. I generated keys for using sftp and ssh in old hosting.

The problem is that now I am unable to access the site from ubuntu. Whereas it is accessible from other computers.

I tried various browsers (firefox, google-chrome, chromium) but I cant open the site. Deleting the cache also didn't change things.

Any clue?

This is what happens in chromium:

enter image description here

I ran ssh-keygen -R hostname that didn't help. Finally I deleted known_hosts file as well, still not working.

Uninstalling and re-installing the browser didn't solve the issue.

Logging out as guest user also didn't open the page.

Best Answer

It looks like this machine is using another name server than other machines, and this name server doesn't list the correct (new) IP address for your domain. If you change a DNS record, it at first is only changed in the name server you changed it at. So if a machine uses another name server, it still gets told that your site is at the old IP. But name servers "talk to each other" on a regular basis and update their records accordingly. This of course takes some time. As a rule of thumb, after 24 hours most name servers should "know" about a change. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it takes more time.

If after about 24 hours your browser still gets directed to the wrong (old) IP, you'd want to take a closer look at your network settings and/or talk to your internet provider.

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