Ubuntu – Can Ubuntu TRIM another (NTFS) partition


I have three questions for Ubuntu and TRIM/SSD experts.

  1. I've got SSD drive (SanDisk SDSSDP128G 128Gb).
  2. Currently, it is the only hard drive. Connected via SATA cable however in BIOS using IDE mode rather than AHCI.
  3. Installed WinXP SP2 on the first partition (16 GiB, NTFS), and then aligned it to SSD blocks using gparted live CD
  4. Installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on the second partition (16 GiB, ext4, immediately after the previous partition)
  5. The rest of the drive is unpartitioned for now; grub is used as OS loader.
  6. Ubuntu mounts the first NTFS partition on startup (as done by Ubuntu install, I have not touched that)
  7. Got confirmation from hdparm that drive supports TRIM
  8. Enabled TRIM in Ubuntu using "fstrim /" which runs by cron

Now, I spent weeks trying to get this info from the web. Some sources say NTFS does support TRIM, others say Win7 supports it (while using NTFS). Some sources say fstrim TRIMs the whole physical drive while others say it only TRIMs the current partition.

  1. Is "fstrim /" in the scenario above applies to 16 GiB ext4 partition only, or to the whole 128Gb drive?

  2. If it only applies to the ext4 partition, is it possible at all to TRIM the first NTFS partition (from either Ubuntu or WinXP, but only using Ubuntu native or Win built-in tools, without dodgy software.com downloads)? Could hdparm and moving/copying physical sectors do anything to help? Partition cloning whatever?

  3. What is the worst-case scenario if TRIM is not possible for NTFS: are there any firmware garbage collectors that could do similar thing without OS commands?

Please do not recommend switching to Win 7 whatsoever – I'm still happy with the development environment under Win XP. I'm still happy to use "out-of-date" OS if it boots in 7 seconds, gives immediate response to anything you do, and loads Photoshop in 3 seconds (for the first run:)

Thank you in advance,

Best Answer

TRIM is a filesystem level operation. It needs to know which sectors of the disk are free so that it can inform the hardware. Neither "Discard" nor "Trim" are documented features of the ntfs-3g driver so I would suggest that no, this probably isn't possible.

There have also been a few separate calls for this but it's a feature that would only really affect a few people.

My only real long-term solutions are:

  • Stick it in a Windows machine (or boot to Windows) once every few months (I'm not sure what your churn rate is).
  • Use a real filesystem. Nothing makes people jealous like a nicely formatted ext4 partition. You'll need to juggle the data though.
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