Ubuntu – Can ubuntu be installed in intel kabylake 7th gen processor


I am using a 7th generation i5 processor(7200,2.50 ghz).The processor also have intel hd graphics 620 and nvidia geforce 940mx 2gb graphics card. I read previously that only windows 10 can be installed to this specific processor.

Is it true no version of ubuntu can be used with this processor?

If it's possible to install ubuntu using this processor, what additional steps other than the normal installation process should I undertake to get Ubuntu working?

Best Answer

Based on this, I'd say that that processor is fine for use with Ubuntu. Is yours one of the systems listed?

Apparently there is a bug in the 16.04 kernel that can cause a problem with the Skylake range of processors, but it seems there is a fairly straightforward fix for it:

  • Update the kernel to version 4.4.0–18
  • Add intel_pstate=disable to your kernel command line

A discussion of this fix can be found here.

Hope that helps.