Ubuntu – Can the Ubuntu Certification help professionally


If I do Ubuntu certification, how much can it help me professionally, especially when it comes to applying for jobs?

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Note: The current state of any Canonical-provided "Ubuntu Certification" is unknown. Please read the below question/answer in detail for more information:

Is there such a thing as a Ubuntu Certified Engineer?

As this brief syllabus shows, the Ubuntu Certified Professional course was based on the standard Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 certification.

Also known as the "Junior Level Linux Certification", the requirements for UCP/LPIC-1 include:

  1. Install and configure Ubuntu desktop systems
  2. Perform routine administration tasks: boot and shut down the system, manage user accounts and file systems, and maintain system security
  3. Configure network connectivity and key network services
  4. Work productively at the Linux command line

If you do not possess a certification that includes such a skillset, then yes, the Ubuntu Certification (or LPIC-1) may possibly help you in applying for positions as an entry-level Ubuntu/Linux System Administrator.

Afterwards, you should look at the more advanced LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 certifications to be able to apply to jobs beyond "entry-level".