Ubuntu – Can not boot into Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu 12.04

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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows 7 on a separate partition, with mount point '/' and boot load information on Windows 7 drive (settings, prior to installing Ubuntu). When I start the system, Grub boot loader shows both options for selection but when Windows 7 is selected, screen just goes blank for less than a second and Grub menu reappears. I checked in file explorer in Ubuntu and the drive of Windows 7 is still as it should be.

How do I get Windows 7 back running, I need it badly…?

And I could not get any proper answer for it, I have already Googled it, so please do not advice that. Please give me some proper explanation for solution or if you find any link properly explaining the solution, you can paste it here.

Best Answer

You're problem, if it is like mine, requires a more simple solution. If you get the grub loader menu and it shows Windows 7 but when you select that it does not boot, select the line for the system you want to boot and press 'e' on the grub menu. This will bring you to an entry something like as follows:

insmod part_msdos 
insmod ntfs 
Set root = '(hdx, msdosx)'

You usually don't need to worry about the other lines that follow so I've not included them here. Edit the x value so that sdb is hd1 or sda is hd0, for example-get those numbers to match yours. Edit the msdosx value to match yours as well, but the partition number, unlike the disk number starts with 1; not 0.

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