Ubuntu – Can I use Wubi for manual installation


Is it possible to use Wubi for Ubuntu 13.04? I read that it will not be supported in the official release due to some problems. Is this going to change in the future, and can we expect to see a future release with support for 13.04?

Best Answer

It was fixed and released for 13.04 as you can see at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/wubi.exe

This version works the same as previous versions. It seems likely that Canonical intend to completely drop it based on the message at www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-with-windows however the message is not a true statement of facts. Wubi works fine on Windows 8 and it is available and working for 13.04. It's true it won't work with systems booting with UEFI and this includes all computers that ship with Windows 8 preinstalled.

Note... there's nothing to stop Canonical removing wubi.exe from http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ if they really want it gone. Until then, it works fine and you can use it with the same unreliability as previous versions of Ubuntu.

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