Ubuntu – use this list of applications in Ubuntu?


These are my software needs:

  • 3DS Max 2013
  • Maya 2013
  • Photoshop CS5
  • TopoGun RC1
  • Zbrush 4r4
  • After Effects

I want to install Ubuntu onto my Asus Laptop, but worried that the above software will not work in Ubuntu even using WINE. What opinions or suggestions could you give a Linux beginner. Should I stay with Windows 7 or is Ubuntu a possibility?

Thank you for all the great responses. I realized I forgot to mention that I have a newly built up desktop computer I built myself to go beyond the recommended requirements of the above mentioned software. I hear and read great things about Ubuntu and figured I would see if it would be feasible to install Ubuntu onto my laptop and use the above software if I am up and about.

I guess Linux will have to wait until the software above is made for it. Too bad though, Linux sounds like a really good OS.

Best Answer

No you can't.

If you need to use these tools as an enthusiast, wine is great but if your life depends on it then I won't recommend that you use wine. Its important that you chose the right tool for the job, in your case the software you list runs natively on windows and you should chose that. Linux is awesome, it has its own set of advantages such as security, speed and also being open source.

People will suggest alternatives like wine and virtualbox or vmware player and for enthusiasts it is just fine but for someone who makes a living using those tools, it might not be the best case. You are unlikely to get any support for Photoshop on wine if something was to go wrong.

If you do use any linux distro, then I'd suggest that you use alternatives that run natively on linux, some of them are really good and the others are slowly but surely catching up and with most software being available on the cloud, the linux platform will be easier to use for all pc users.

In the end its your life and your choice, all the very best.

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