Ubuntu – Can I temporarily hide indicators to reduce clutter?


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Can I blacklist an appindicator?

I currently have 9 indicators (old-style and new-style appindicators) sitting in my Ubuntu taskbar. In time I'm sure some of them will migrate to a better location (for example, I presume both SpiderOak and Dropbox are supposed to be under the mail indicator, just like Ubuntu One). Until then, I want to reduce the clutter!

In Windows there is an option to hide (but not remove) system tray icons.[1] When you click on a reveal button, the hidden icons are revealed and you can use them as normal. Is there a similar function in Ubuntu?

[1] I could remove old-style non-appindicators from the systray-whitelist, but it would be a major hassle when I want to show them again.

Best Answer

Currently there is no such an option in Unity and as far as I've seen Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't have it either.

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