Ubuntu – Can I run Ubuntu OS on a Android 4.0 tablet


I have a cheap Chinese made tablet from Dubai called the Crony Dubai (www.cronydubai.com). It has a micro B, mini HDMI and a USB labeled as "Host" as well as a micro SD slot. It came with a micro B to USB adapter in box, and its running Ice Cream Sandwich. Is there a way to load Ubuntu on it? Also the tablet is very buggy and crashes often, would that be due to the tablet or the OS?

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I am assuming you are looking for something like Ubuntu for Android.

Canonical is also working on a Ubuntu for Phones (including tablets) which is going to be available for download anytime soon

its all work in progress though and it does not guarantee that it will work on your tablet.

Neither of those solutions are available to the public yet! and the first one is explicitly is for OEMs (thanks to Uri Herrera for pointing it out).

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