Ubuntu – restore a backup on a different computer than it was made


I am using the default backup software for Ubuntu 14.04(deja dup). It backs up weekly to a network location.

I'm about to put a new hard drive in my laptop, and I would rather just install ubuntu and put my files in rather than copy over the whole OS and everything. If I reinstall ubuntu and connect to the network backup location, can I restore my backup?

Best Answer

Sure. These instructions are for a fresh ubuntu install.

  1. Open Déjà Dup. Search the dash for deja.

  2. Click on the big “Restore” button.

    enter image description here

  3. A dialog will appear asking where your backup files are stored (your “Backup location”). Choose “Other…” and navigate to the folder of backups. On this same screen, select whether you encrypted the backup or not. Click “Forward”.

    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

  4. Choose the date you want to restore from. Usually you can just leave this alone, as the default is the most recent backup. Click “Forward”.

  5. Choose where to restore. Since this is a full system backup, leave it as the default (to restore over your current install). Click “Forward”.

  6. Review your selections and click “Restore”.

  7. Wait. Your files won’t appear in your home directory until the entire restore is finished. It may take a while.

  8. Reinstall any programs that you enjoyed in your previous install.

Taken from the deja dup help wiki.

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