Ubuntu – How to Enable Sound Notifications for Caps Lock


On the computer upstairs we have an option to make the computer make a sound when we press Caps Lock, Number Lock and Scroll Lock. Is there a way to do this on Ubuntu 12.04?

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Ok, so I got this to work with xbindkeys.

We will use Beep as notification sound.

To install Beep:

sudo apt-get install beep

It is necessary to enable the speaker in recent versions.

modprobe pcspkr

Ok, now for the notification script:
First make a new file, and save it as notification.sh.

Insert this piece of script(smallest script ever?):


and save it.
Place it somewhere safe, for this little "tut" I will place it in /home/notification/
Now we need xbindkeys:

sudo apt-get install xbindkeys

Once it is installed, go to your home folder, and make a new file named:".xbindkeysrc".
This file is required for xbindkeys, without, it doesn't function.
Open this file with a text editor.

Now we do need the keynumbers xbindkeys requires.
To get those, open terminal, and enter:

xbindkeys -k

A windows will popup, and then you are to press the key you want the code from, eg. Capslock.

You will see something like:

in $HOME/.xbindkeysrc to bind a key. "NoCommand"
m:0x2 + c:66

Now, we only need the m:0x2 + c:66 part(might be different for you). Write those down(in a text editor or something) and repeat the process until you got all your keys.

Now, remember the xbindkeysrc we opened in the texteditor? We are going to add the following:

"bash /home/notification/notification.sh"

This line will tell what the xbindkeys has to do when certain keys are pressed. The next line we will add is the keycode(s), like this:

m:0x2 + c:66

if you want the same thing to happen with multiple keys, you must separate the keys, like this:

m:0x2 + c:66 || m:0x3 + c:67

The || means OR, this is not relevant for you.

A logout/login could be necessary to map the beep to the Caps Lock (for example).

I hope that this guide was useful for you and others.

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