Ubuntu – make links to email addresses open Gmail instead of Evolution


When I click on a link to an email address in Firefox or Google Chrome a "Welcome to Evolution" screen appears. Can I make Gmail open instead, or at the very least disable Evolution from running?

Best Answer

You might want to take a look at an application called desktop-webmail Install desktop-webmail

It can be installed by clicking on the little icon next to the link or simply by executing following command:

sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail

Then go to "Applications > Internet > Desktop Webmail" and set your web email service. Finally go to "System > Preferences > Preferred Applications" and under "Mail Reader" set Desktop Webmail as your choice.

Desktop webmail supports following services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Zoho

This could be a solution for other people as well that use other webmail providers.

Hope it helps :)