Ubuntu – install Ubuntu on a logical partition ? What will be the advantage or disadvantage of using a logical partition to install Ubuntu 12.04


Here are the screen-shots of what I have done so far using GParted.

Before editing the File system:

After editing the File System:

File system view from Windows 7 x64.

Now my question is ,should I install Ubuntu 12.04 in this partition or shrink the C: drive (sda1) to free up some space and install Ubuntu there ?

Is there any advantage of installing Ubuntu on a Primary drive or is there any disadvantage of installing Ubuntu on a Logical Drive ?

Best Answer

There is no advantage or disadvantage of installing Ubuntu on a primary or logical partition. The only "drawback" if you can call it that way is that if you select logical, the names of the /dev/sd will start at 5. But if you select primary they will start at 1.

For example:





Basically is nothing to worry about.

As far as I can see, you are good to go installing Ubuntu on that 55GB space you have left in your logical space. The one I mean is this:

enter image description here

So no need to worry about it. Just install it and enjoy.

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