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I want to install Ubuntu on a mini PC which has only 3.5GB disk space. Do you have any recommendations?

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Lubuntu 13.10 has a minimal desktop environment that is suitable for low-end hardware like your mini PC, however even Lubuntu requires at least 4.7GB of available disk space for best results.

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Instructions for installing Lubuntu 13.10 and later on the mini PC

  1. Boot the Lubuntu live USB.

  2. Open a terminal. Type sudo -i leafpad /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/misc.py. Click on Options and select line number. At about line #853 will be something like "min_disk size = size x 2 #fudge factor", change 2 to 1.4 and then save.

  3. Run the Install Lubuntu. It should now say minimum disk size 3GB. Just be sure when you get to the disk partition/install part select Other and set up the drive as one ext4 partition as /. No swap; a page will come up saying you didn't make a swap partition, but just ignore it.

  4. These instructions also work on Ubuntu and other *buntu distributions that also use the ubiquity live CD installer. In Ubuntu the default text editor is gedit instead of leafpad.

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