Ubuntu – install extra drivers via the command prompt

command linedrivers

Since I can't seem to open the Additional Drivers program? And how do I know what driver I need to install?

Best Answer

For 12.04 and below

The additional drivers program has a command line interface, jockey-text:


jockey-text --list

to get a list of available drivers and their status, then use

# the init lines are required only for graphics drivers
sudo init 1
jockey-text --enable=DRIVER
sudo init 2

where DRIVER is the one you got from the list. For example:

jockey-text --enable=firmware:b43

To install the Broadcom B43 wireless driver.

For your graphics card, you will get a choice of the proprietary driver from the manufacturer and a free alternative. You have to either restart the display server (log out and back in) or restart the system entirely (recommended).