Ubuntu – export Shotwell pictures database saving all the tags


I've imported lots of pictures into Shotwell and spent some time setting tags. Are those tags locked-in in Shotwell or I can export them (and import again or use with other software)?

Best Answer

I'm the founder of Yorba, makers of Shotwell. Thanks for your question.

Shotwell 0.7 writes metadata (such as tags and titles) to photos when you export them. The metadata is written in EXIF, IPTC and/or XMP format (depending on which of these were present in the photo to begin with). Most other photo programs can read these formats, so if you export your photos from Shotwell then other programs should be able to read their tags with no problem.

The upcoming Shotwell 0.8 can write metadata to photo files on the fly - to enable this, select the option "Write tags, titles and other metadata to photo files" in the preferences dialog. Once this is selected, Shotwell will update metadata in photo files as soon as you tag them. To use this feature, build the Shotwell trunk from source (see http://yorba.org/shotwell/install/#source), or just wait for Shotwell 0.8 (which we plan to release later in December).