Ubuntu – define keyboard shortcuts using the Super key


In 10.04, I had a lot of keyboard shortcuts defined using Super/Mod4 and one single other key,

  • Super+O ran Opera
  • Super+W opened Nautilus pointing to my Work folder, etc.

In 11.04, these do not seem to work — only Super+R works to run the terminal, and Super+Shift+W successfully runs Nautilus.

Is there some way I can get these to function again?

Adding them in Keyboard Shortcuts does not work, and neither does adding commands in CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Best Answer

This happens because in Natty Super/Mod4 is a shortcut to the Unity panel. You can change that in Compiz.

  1. Install the compizconfig-settings-managerInstall compizconfig-settings-manager package.

  2. Hit Alt+F2, type about:config and hit Enter to open the Unity configuration.

  3. Change the shortcut for Key to show the launcher as you like to free your Super key:

    enter image description here

In this example I've changed from Super to Super + L

Now your mod key is free to use as you like.