Ubuntu – Can I count on SSD to distribute wear evenly?


I checked my SSD to see how much I have written to it over its lifetime to estimate how much life might be left in it. Currently, it the wear
amounts to about 50 write cycles, which isn't much, this particular one is rated at 5000 and SSDs in general should last at least 1000.

Now, the question is:

  1. Can I count on SSD to distribute its wear more or less equally
    across all of its cells or 50 cycles on average might as well mean
    that some cells have endured, say, 500 or more?

  2. If I create partitions on the drive, does wear leveling work across
    partitions? E.g. if I created a 8 GB swap partition on a 120 GB
    drive, did I just subject 1/15 th of the drive to disproportionately
    higher wear? Maybe I would be better off if I allocated extra space
    to swap partition, then. I started thinking of this issue
    specifically because I wanted to enable hibernation on my computer,
    and I started wondering whether I should ensure there's space
    equaling RAM on swap partition (if wear leveling across partitions
    work) or several times that (if it doesn't; to prolong SSD's

My SSD is currently Intel 520 120GB and I'm considering using Intel and Samsung SSDs in the future.

Best Answer

the disk is very likely to distribute wear evenly, as they are usually engineered to do so, but it is not an ubuntu issue, it is mainly about the hardware. Don't really worry about it, but don't blame ubuntu if it fails.

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