Ubuntu – change the name of the guake tab to show the current command

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I use guake very heavily, and ssh into more than 3 computers at any point in time. I also have daemons running on some tabs (terminals). What I want to know, Is it possible to have the name of the current command as the name of the Terminal? Rightclikcing a tab, and changing its name causes this: (Look at the tab after Terminal 5)

Look at the tab after Terminal 5


Best Answer

This is a guake (0.4.1) bug. I just see and solve this problem via this bug report though the author say this is not the best method: https://github.com/Guake/guake/issues/205

i've found out that moving the dialog destruction code (guake.py line 983) down after the code that sets the tab label (line 986) actually solves the problem. so the the code that works for me look like this:

    response = dialog.run()
    # dialog.destroy() 

    if response == gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT:


maybe there is some problem with gtk and dialogs, but i haven't found any code changes connected with gtk in the version 0.4.1 diff.

EDIT: guake 0.4.2 can change the tab name correctly