Ubuntu – change directory to a Windows drive in Ubuntu Bash on WSL

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I am a super newbie for Ubuntu and basically need Ubuntu for a Python package.
I would like to run a Python file in say e:/username/folder1/folder2/python.py. I tried every method online and the only reply is bash: cd./e: No such file or directory. I am not sure whether it is because of the bash windows or virtualenv.

When I use bash on Ubuntu on Windows, ls, it says VIRTUALENV_DIR. cd, it says /home/username. The cd .. etc changes the directory a little, but not another drive, nor the folder I would like it to find.

Best Answer

WSL stores your Windows drives in the /mnt folder, with the name of the drive as a subfolder. For example your C:\ drive will be present at /mnt/c/ for you to use.

Keeping this in mind, you can swap to your specific folder like so:

cd /mnt/e/username/folder1/folder2