Ubuntu – boot memtest86+ if I’m using UEFI


Downloaded the Ubuntu 16.04.2 .iso install disk and flashed it onto a USB stick.

Booting on the USB stick, there is no memtest86+ option (along with "Try Ubuntu").

Is there a way to add it to the install options?

(it's for a UEFI boot PC running normally Windows, its owner does not want to install Ubuntu. "memtest86+" is completely free (unlike "memtest86"), but is quite old, and does not offer a UEFI boot – this is why having it within the Ubuntu options makes things easier)

Best Answer

Memtest86+ does not work in UEFI mode

Memtest86+ does not work in UEFI mode because it is a 16-bit program. But if you can boot the computer in BIOS (CSM, legacy) mode, it works.

See this link

Where is the memtest option on the Ubuntu 64-bit live CD?

Memtest86 works in UEFI mode

There is another version, the 'original' but now not FOSS version memtest86, and it works in UEFI mode. There is a commercial version and a free version (no cost, but not open source code).

See this link


Adding newest freeware memtest86 to UEFI Grub2

Here is a great tutorial on how to add the freeware memtest86 to UEFI Grub2. It's especially useful if you are working on a remote machine, and inserting a physical usb is out of the question.

See this link for the Ubuntu oriented tutorial.


See this link of an example of doing this on a remote server, but based on the above tutorial.