Ubuntu – Can a Windows 8 partition be mounted in Ubuntu if “fast startup”is switched on

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I'm aware that when a Windows session is hibernated, its disk partition cannot be mounted in Ubuntu. By default in Windows 8, a hybrid shutdown/hibernate feature is used (fast startup) which hibernates the kernel session but shuts down everything else.

Is there any way to mount a partition in this hybrid shutdown state? Even theoretically?

Best Answer

Windows 8 - when sent to its fast-startup shutdown - does not actually shut down. It hibernates, which means that the session is stored and will be resumed - which obviously means the status of the partition should not change in the meantime.

As such, it flags the partition with a so-called hiberfile, which is a physical file on the partition that you will be prompted to delete when you try to mount a hibernated partition.

You can, however, mount the partition in question as read-only through the mount -r option. That will enable reading the files, but not writing to the partition.

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