Ubuntu – Bumblebee : Module bbswitch could not be loaded


I've upgraded to 12.04 and I had to switch from Ironhide to the latest version of Bumblebee.

Now, when I try to run bumblebeed, I get this error:

FATAL: Module bbswitch not found.
[ERROR]Module bbswitch could not be loaded (timeout?)
[WARN]No switching method available. The dedicated card will always be on.

I don't really need to use the secondary VGA on Kubuntu, so I would like to find a way to definitely shut the discrete GPU down and avoid wasting battery. I can't disable it from the BIOS because I use it on Windows. My card is an nvidia 540M.

Best Answer

bbswitch is the kernel module that is used for disabling the nvidia GPU. Be sure to install the Bumblebee PPA as described in Is a NVIDIA GeForce with Optimus Technology supported by Ubuntu?. Installing Bumblebee from that PPA also retrieved the bbswitch-dkms package. If you do have this package installed, the likely reason of failure that the kernel headers for the installed kernel are missing.

In that case, update your kernel including headers:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-headers
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Reboot. If the problem still persists, try explicitly installing the headers for the loaded kernel:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

If the module is still not loaded, try removing bbswitch completely and reinstall it:

sudo apt-get purge bbswitch-dkms
sudo apt-get install bbswitch-dkms
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