Ubuntu – Broadcom BCM43142 WiFi drivers with AP mode to create hotspot for android devices


I want to create WiFi hotspot for android device using Broadcom BCM43142 chipset.

OS : 14.0.4
but I am stuck at a STEP which says your Wireless card should support AP mode!

The current driver: wl0 which I am using does not support AP(access point) mode.

iw list

Result :

Supported interface modes:       
* IBSS       
* managed

I found many drivers for other broadcom chipset like BCM4312 that support AP mode ex : b43 driver but failed to find for BCM43142.

Is their any driver available for Broadcom BCM43142 that support AP mode?


Is their any other way I can create hotspot for my android device using
Broadcom BCM43142 card (os : Ubuntu 14.0.4)?


Best Answer

There are no linux drivers for this adapter that support AP mode.