Ubuntu – Brightness setting is reset to maximum at login


My laptop's screen brightness is auto set to maximum at login (= at the login screen already).

Even after I have adjusted it to lower it is again set to maximum after annother login. Is there a way to save the previous brightness settings in Ubuntu 12.04?

Additional Info by gentmatt:

This definitely seems to be related to the used graphics.

  • When using the discrete graphics, the brightness is set to maximum on every boot.

  • When using the integrated graphics, the brightness setting which Mac OS X has set is used.

    But Ubuntu does not change that setting. It uses the stored setting by OS X. Therefore, the brightness at login is only changed, when OS X changes the brightness.

Best Answer

A possible solution: Add

xbacklight -set 80

to the file


This will set the backlight to the desired value (80) whenever X is started. .xinitrc is the configuration file responsible for the X-Server.