Ubuntu – Boot time is super fast, how come


The boot time in Ubuntu is really fast. 7-10 seconds. Comparing it to my mac (which is about 30-40 seconds). How come Ubuntu is so much faster? I'm thinking that it uses a different kernel (Linux). I'm not sure if that would come into account for anything…

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It boots fast because people have worked very hard toward that goal over the past couple of years since Ubuntu 8.10. Some of the major factors (over pre-10.04 Ubuntu):

  • Moving the boot process over to an event model (Upstart) so that things both load in parallel and when they're needed. It's a genius system.

  • X (the graphical desktop to most people) is now loaded very early on. By getting it ready faster, you can show the user something much quicker.

  • Removing deadwood from initramfs (the image that is loaded by grub to boot the system)

  • Various caching mechanisms have come and gone including sreadahead and ureadahead. These work by generating a binary block of files your system uses at boot so that can be read off the hard disk in one go.

Comparing 8.10 and 10.10, you probably only see a sixth of the boot time now. It's a very impressive improvement... But that doesn't really explain why it's faster than other systems.

For that I think I can only really say they're heavier and aren't as good at booting service in parallel.

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