Ubuntu – Bluetooth not working in Ubuntu 13.04


I recently installed Ubuntu 13.04 in dual boot with 12.04.1.

The problem I have is with the Bluetooth not working. I've tried searching for my phone, but no luck. I've installed Blueman and still no go. Bluetooth is working just fine on 12.04.1, but on 13.04 it is simply dead.

Personal file sharing is enabled on both versions, visibility is enabled but no matter what I do I can't get it to work. This is really annoying. How can I fix this problem?

Best Answer

I figured it out myself. Something was not installed by default for Bluetooth. So, I went and installed Synaptic again and installed the following packages:

sudo apt-get install \
    bluetooth blueman \
    bluez-hcidump bluewho python-bluez  bluez-tools \

One of these fixes my Bluetooth problem, and now it works just fine both ways (PC to Phone, Phone to PC). I forgot to mention that the problem occur immediately after a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04.

It was stupid of me that I didn't test the Bluetooth before a clean install, but now it's all good.

(Previously in the question stated as a solution, this will help future users more easily.)

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