Ubuntu – Bluetooth keyboard disconnecting


Ubuntu 14.04

I have been having issues with my bluetooth keyboard (Targus Bluetooth Keyboard) disconnecting within ten seconds after I stop typing. Bluetooth Manager still shows the device on the list (I am able to connect the device initially), but it appears to be inactive. It then takes up to thirty more seconds for it to respond to a single button press, and usually does not respond at all. Needless to say, this basically renders the keyboard useless and forces me to use a wired keyboard (which is inconvenient in my case).

A possibly related issue is that every time the connection is re-established, I receive a message indicating that the keyboard has 0% battery power. This happens even with brand new batteries.

  • WiFi is operating on the 5GHz band; the problem persists even when not using the internet
  • My bluetooth mouse has not been having this type of issue
  • The keyboard seems to function normally with a Dell laptop running Windows 8

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Answer

It looks like a similar problem to bug #1098959 , where the power monitor interferes with bluetooth devices.

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