Ubuntu – Black screen in Ubuntu in Virtual Box


Using VirtualBox 6.0. Host Windows 10 Pro, VM: Linux Ubuntu 64 18.04.2.
I’m quite a beginner with Linux and haven’t used Virtual Box for years.

I was initially trying to set the resolution for my VM, but got into even worst problems.
So, trying to solve one at a time…

I first launched the VM with Ubuntu .iso as virtual drive, installed Ubuntu.
Ejected Ubuntu installation virtual disc.
Then I inserted the Guest Additions virtual CD ( Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image … )
Linux told me that this CD has executable content, I told it to run it.
All I get then is a black screen.

After a long time, I tried ACPI shutdown and re-started the machine.

I see a Ubuntu loading screen (“Ubuntu” title with 4 dotes below it) then after a short time, a black screen. (Doesn’t seem perfectly black though, it looks like the black with a tiny bit of red used in some Ubuntu screens).

Best Answer

I had this same exact issue. I solved it by shutting down, going to my virtual machine settings and selecting display. I changed the graphics controller to VBoxVGA, yours might be different, just interchange the available options. I hope this helps

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