Ubuntu – Bidirectional drag’n drop is not working with VirtualBox and ubuntu 14.04

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I use Virtualbox 4.3.20 with Ubuntu 14.01 image. Host OS is Windows 8.1. Bidirectional drag'n drop used to work before but now it won't after upgrading to these versions from previous versions. What can I do to resolve the problem?

Best Answer

"Drag and Drop" was introduced with the guest additions in Virtual Box 5.0. with some limitations:

At the moment drag and drop is implemented for Windows- and X-Windows-based systems, both, on host and guest side. As X-Windows sports different drag and drop protocols only the most used one, XDND, is supported for now.VirtualBox Manual

In addition to that only drag & drop of simple text, or files and directories of the file manager not running with administrative permissions is supported.

Preliminary experimental versions of Virtual Box "Drag'N'Drop" to a Linux guest only were introduced in version 4.2 .

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