Ubuntu – Backup with duplicity on Google Cloud Storage


I have already set a backup routine that backups all my files to Amazon S3 using duplicity. I would like to create a similar backup routine with Google Cloud Storage. Is it possible to get duplicity to work with GCS?

Best Answer

There is now (since 2013-07-19 - version 0.6.22) support to use Google Cloud Storage directly in duplicity.

You should use gsutil config -a to create a ~/.boto config file. And then you can use duplicity like this:

duplicity local_dir gs://yourbucket

Also of note is that only the old authentication mechanism is supported. You should enable "Interoperable Access" from your Google Storage Console.

Detailed steps on http://www.willdurness.com/back-up-your-vm-to-google-cloud-storage-using-duplicity.