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Will Avast work for Ubuntu? I would love to use avast on my Ubuntu os. I went to the Avast site and it gave me 3 different file download choices for Linux. one was a rpm,deb and the other just took me to a page with a bunch of letters and signs? How do i install new programs using ubtuntu and if avast will not work, what is the best free linux antivirus?

Best Answer

Step 1. click here to Download avast

step 2 : enter the following command /Downloads

  cd ./Downloads
  sudo dpkg -i avast-linux-home-edition-1.3.0.deb

step 3 : To start using avast antivirus software, You need to Register with avast here to get a free license key (Don’t worry it’s free!). The license key will be delivered to your email address within 24 hours (usually within a couple of hours).

step 4 : Start the program and enter the license key.

step 5 : To achieve database updating (in my Ubuntu 12.04), the treatment according to Error message in Avast! with the value

according to the comment by 'pbhj' is necessary. That’s all!

enter image description here

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