Ubuntu – Arrow Keys not working in GRUB


I have Ubuntu and Windows 7 installed in my computer, but since I update to Ubuntu 14.04 the arrow keys does not work in GRUB, so I can not boot Windows 7. However it is very weird that after it boots Ubuntu the arrows keys work perfectly.


Best Answer

Does your BIOS/UEFI setup have a setting for "legacy USB support" or "USB keyboard support"? If so, enabling this might allow your keyboard to work during boot.

These USB support options allow USB based keyboards to function as if they are traditional DIN or PS/2 keyboards like in the days before USB. This will only affect the time up until your operating system loads its own keyboard drivers, so it can allow USB keyboards to work during boot even for boot loaders without USB support.

I'm not sure if Grub should support USB keyboards without the legacy option. But in this case it's worth a try.

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