Ubuntu – Are there Unity-like quicklists for GNOME


Is there a way to have Quicklists like in Unity but then in the Gnome 3 dash?

Mainly I would like to be able to open a specific directory in Nautilus directly, like this quicklist, and be able to open certain commands in the Terminal directly, like this quicklist.

Is there Quicklists in Gnome or is there some other way of achieving this quick way to enter directories / commands?

Best Answer

They are planned for the future, called "Jump Lists" in GNOME 3 lingo, but are currently only implemented as an extension installable at extensions.gnome.org. It should be noted that "Application menus" currently serve a similar role.

Action lists have been added to the FreeDesktop.org app launcher specification. In theory, all compliant desktop environments may make use of quicklists.

Screenshot of jump lists in Activities overlay

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