Ubuntu – Why are there so many console messages from GTK+ applications

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I tried to open Software Center using the command line


and it did work. I mean, Software Center opened and works fine, BUT, at the same time, in the Terminal window I see a lot of strange errors. How can that be? I'm puzzled.

Is there any explanation for this (and a fix for it)? I repeat, the app does open and it works fine, is only the lines in the background that show that something is not all right.

Here are the screen-shots with all the lines.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

Of course, what you are seeing in the terminal are messages to developers. So you have two choices, either to ignore them or to open up the app without seeing them.

To do the second option try this in the command line:

nohup software-center &

It will open up the application and get back to terminal without any garbage

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